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Effective Mechanical Drain Cleaning

All Drains Limited was founded in 1990 by Phill Cookson, who still owns and manages the company. Phil has been working in the drainage field since 1976
and is recognised as a drainage expert.

Our Auckland based company has a large range of high pressure jetting, suction vacuum trucks, pumps and safety gear that meets the most stringent regulations. This range of robust equipment allows our team to tackle any drainage tests, maintenance or repairs. While we favour proven techniques for drainage maintenance and repairs, Phill has a rare talent for finding new solutions to problems. Together with the well trained team Phill supplies quality, cost effective work, that achieves the best immediate and long term outcomes.




Our Workers

Drainage Repair Experts

All Drains encourages staff to take a proactive approach to all aspects of their working environment and regularly consults with them regarding OSH issues and procedures.
The field staff are trained in confined space entry, traffic management and first aid. Management conducts field audits to ensure that the staff comply with company regulations and the requirements of the clients. The work done can be hazardous, so we take extreme care that our staff are safe at all times. They are well trained to operate all relevant machinery and in the use of safety gear. Our quality control systems ensure that everyone on the job follows health and safety requirements. Through the use of targeted equipment, we are able to minimise occasions when our staff have to physically enter confined spaces. All waste material
we collect is transported and disposed of safely according to best practice and legal guidelines.


Our Quality

Excellent Solutions to all Drainage Issues

All Drains is committed to providing a high level of quality work that aims to surpass the client’s expectations. We have established a number of procedures to ensure that our projects always achieve and exceed the specified requirements of our clients. The quality objectives for each project are contained in the project plan. This contains the means of achieving the specified technical requirements including safety, environmental and financial considerations. The project plan is prepared by the project manager.

The project plan identifies:

  • The scope of work
  • The project resources, equipment, standards, processes and controls includingappropriate reviews, verifications and the planned inspections
  • The procedures to be followed and the records to be controlled and maintained
  • The identification of suitable verification of processes at appropriate stages
  • The checklists that are required to be completed.



Our Environment

At All Drains we understand how important it is to respect and preserve our environment. Our fast response time coupled with our years of experience in the field means we are able to minimise our impact on the environment. We are constantly reevaluating and improving our environmental policies. Our objective in this area is to have zero reportable environmental breaches and to work with the client to improve where possible the environmental integrity of the areas we are working in.


The Company Policies
Company policies are to:

  • Work profitably with all clients
  • Work with all our clients in an ethical and legal manner within contract agreements
  • Deliver our projects to clients on time and on budgets with the intention of satisfying the expectation of the client
  • Maintain a level of customer focus with the public that the client and authorities would beexpected to provide themselves
  • Use tool box meetings with the staff and the client with the aim of working safely and without causing damage
  • Use professional advice where necessary to ensure that our company satisfies the legal requirements of the health and safety and the environmental protection acts and other legislation covering the projects we work on


Our objectives are to:

  • Maintain our prequalification status with the clients we work for
  • Maintain or target to increase the profit each year by reducing waste in all processes
  • Keep up with technology, plant and equipment changes
  • Target annually an improvement in staff and employees competency by training
  • Provide a level of quality in our work that is not less than that specified within the contract
  • Have zero workplace notifiable incidents and less lost time injuries than annually targetedby the company
  • Have zero reportable environmental breaches
  • Ensure our suppliers and subcontractors operate with the same objectives
  • Strive for continued improvements